Merry Christmas Eve2015 December Favs

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!  Aside from Halloween, today is one of my most favourite days of the year.  I remember being a little, and how much excitement today involved, with our parents getting us pumped up for the big man in the red suit’s arrival.   Our letters were written, the cookies were left, and we were (not) off to bed so easy.  Our bedroom was decorated with lights, and our little eyes stayed posted on our bedroom door with excitement, till we couldn’t keep them open any longer and were off to play in our dreams.  Christmas eve has so much magic, and even though we weren’t blessed (yeah, I said blessed!!) with snow this year, we still were so lucky enough to wake up to a gorgeous, sun-filled, blue-sky day. 

Over the past couple months, I had the chance to meet and photograph so many new, awesome families!  Here are some of my most favourite images from Christmas portraits this year.  Have such an amazing day, and Merriest Christmas eve!  

2015-12-24_0006 2015-12-24_0007 2015-12-24_0008 2015-12-24_0009 2015-12-24_0010 2015-12-24_0011 2015-12-24_0012 2015-12-24_0013 2015-12-24_0014 2015-12-24_0015 2015-12-24_0002 2015-12-24_0003 2015-12-24_0001 2015-12-24_0005 2015-12-24_0004

With love, Lea xo