The Adventure Begins

Hi to you all! There may not be many of you who will be reading yet, mostly my lovely family and friends, or when I need a beautiful walk down memory lane :)
As you read, this is where it all starts, my passions, my love, and life through the eyes of me; a 25 year-old, newly ring-on-the-finger, travel, photo & food loving girl; born and raised in the big city; Toronto, Ontario. Absolutely in love with my family, friends and fiancé, I cant wait to experience all things life has yet to bless me with.
Have to dish already…newly engaged…and definitely in the top 5 for happiest people on the planet. One of the best days of my life happened to me that, cold, foggy, New York night in December, and it is something I will absolutely never forget. He is the absolute man of my dreams! (Big time props to the soon to be hubby for the most beautiful proposal, definitely something that will go down in the books for best proposal ever.)
There are a ton of things I am passionate about in this life, and my list keeps growing! I keep coming across new and exciting things that I can’t wait to learn and experience. A couple that have been with me since I could talk; travel, tunes, food and photos. Most recently, fitness and wanting to use every feature in Photoshop. These few things have occupied my Google searches and reads for the past year. Lets start with the foodie, who is may I add, doing her best at staying on the clean-eating train as of last November! Doing my best meaning, still giving in to my complete weakness of cupcakes, sweets and cheesecake…(Of which I promise you will see upcoming recipes here soon!). It is a lot harder than I thought; there are so many temptations! My choice to eat clean hasn’t come from wanting to get rid of weight; I am a string bean! But more of treating the one body you have the best you can ever treat it; to make it as strong and as healthy as it can be! Boy is it a journey, you definitely learn something new every single day; there is a constant want to keep learning more :)
My love of photography had to come from my sister Christina; she has always had that beautiful eye for photography; her shots are simply amazing. Our parents bought her a DSLR Fuji for Christmas in 2010, and she is loving it. I finally bit the bullet and bought my own at the beginning of 2012, just in time for the hunk and I’s first trip together, to Hawaii! Definitely wish I knew what I do now about all the buttons and gadgets on that thing- we would have got some killer shots! But even without, that camera in itself produced some of the most beautiful photos of that place I have seen! The blues and the turquoise of the water, and the warm, gold tones of the sunsets- I am so grateful I got to experience something like that, left me speechless! I just took my first photography course about two weekends ago in Oakville, and fell in absolute love…you will not be able to drag me away now, next course coming soon!
I created this blog a few months ago, and never wrote a thing, seemed to be because I never actually made time to sit down and collect my thoughts. But being sick with the flu since last Monday, time is all I have had for the past week! See, there is something positive and great that comes out of everything in life :)
So with that, here is to a lovely 2013…so much to tell, cannot wait to fill this with my passions, and the loves of my life; lets make it the best one yet! :)
With love always, lea xo