Yoga and Peace CollectiveToronto, Ontario

Yoga has meant a ton to me since I discovered how much I loved it in my early twenties.  Practicing yoga simply makes me feel good, and happy; it makes me feel restored and relaxed, and also alleviates any stresses from the day or time in my life.  When I first started and attending classes, I just went through the poses and kept my concentration on the teacher so I didn’t miss anything!  I learned over the next few months that you are to concentrate on yourself and your breathing, and keeping your thoughts light – those poses will come!  Getting into that flow is a tad tricky but when you do, oh myyy is it amazing!

I’ve followed Peace Collective and their story on Instagram for awhile now, and when I saw that they were hosting a yoga class I immediately reached out and volunteered to photograph the class.  Peace Collective makes really rad clothing, but also has an amazing initiative for Canadian youth.  With the purchase of each garment, $4 is donated to Breakfast for Learning and helps feed a hungry child two healthy meals and a snack.  I love that they give back, and that I got to do something great for an awesome Toronto business.

Check out their Instagram for updates on when their next yoga class is taking place, and a ton of other amazing featured images and stories from people all across Canada.  They host the classes right in their shop at 131 Ossington Avenue in Toronto.  Get out there and feel so so good!