Good ol’ Karma – they need to begin to teach this philosophy in elementary school, when their minds are bursting full of love, trust, and the most beautiful, creative ideas. Whip up a curriculum so deep, and add it to those big dusty textbooks. Let the lessons taught scare the pants off of any child that walks those halls. Let them strut out of that classroom eager to show the world nothing less than all the good their little heart desires, striving for nothing but positive karma to come their way. Provide them with knowledge so wise that doing any other than selfless deeds would feel irregular, or insufficient. 

‘Pay it Forward’ was played in every in grade 10 civics class back in the day – but why not take it further? That day, I swear every grade 10 student walked out of that classroom ready to show the world what they were made of; ready to help their mom with dinner, ready to bring fresh flowers and strike up a good quality conversation at Grandma’s just to make her feel on top of the world, ready to lay it all on the line and pay it forward to any one that came in their path. We were setting goals, speaking of our dreams as if they were within a few steps, wanting to help – all because of a 70 minute film. 

Think if they turned those short 70 minutes into a daily routine; it could only do good for the world, there would be nothing to loose. Keep teaching good. Strive to be consistent examples of quality human beings for our minis, and one day we as adults, whether heart broken, pain stricken, or thinking our days are numbered, will possibly step back in time to when, like them, our hearts were pure, love came free, and that dream of becoming anything you wish was as close as mum’s warm arms on a stormy night. 

The reality is, love is free, our hearts are pure, and our dreams are closer than we can imagine – however, it is up to only you to perceive this. We have seen the rain and experienced the tornado, and these shape us as human beings. Whether you are shaped by death, by experience, by mistakes, always, always look for the good – look for mums arms in the storm. It’s always there waiting for you to just take notice. Always strive to be the best version of yourself you can be to others, and as I’ve mentioned before, everything else will simply fall into place. 

Keep smiling, have a beautiful sleep, sweet dreams beauty world.

xo – lea