ABOUTSo nice to meet you!

I’m Lea, a documentary photographer from Port Credit, Ontario.
A little town on the lake that sits just west of our lovely city of Toronto.
I am a storyteller, and absolutely in love with documenting lives through moments.

I am passionate about people and their stories, documenting love, and learning from each person I meet.
I believe everyone has something interesting and important to give.  Life is so precious and moments should be enjoyed fully.
In comes the love for photos; one wonderful, fleeting moment is suddenly unforgettable and lived fully again.
 Photography lets me tell the most beautiful stories through my images; instantly creating moments you can look back on
and fall in love with all over again
. I love creating romantic and genuine photos that are full of love and emotion,
and I couldn’t dream of a better way to spend my days.

PicMonkey Collage

A little about me.  I am married to the sweetest guy, who I am so grateful to love on for the rest of my days.  My heart skips beats thinking about
what our lives will become, the places we will see and the growing we will do together.  My husband, family and friends are incredibly important
to me, and am completely in love with our soft little ball of fur named Tino.  They are the wonderful ones who keep this big, bright smile on my
face, my biggest cheerleaders, and I am forever thankful for them all.

I love to create and write.  Usually end the day in cozy sheets with a cup of earl grey, a good movie, and most of the time cookies. Gut laughs happen
a ton throughout the day, and I always encourage people to go for everything they want in life.  I believe in doing everything you’re passionate about,
and that you can truly do anything you set your head and heart to.  I have such a love for cottage country and think it feels like home.
The tall pines, smell of campfire and the calm water gets me every single time and I could spend a lifetime up there.
My eyes sparkle anytime I’m outdoors, and I think the night sky and the moon are so magical.  Being in and around the water is
so refreshing and peaceful to me, and if we could have a lake out our front door I don’t think I would leave it!
I’m usually barefoot in the grass and love to meditate and find natural ways to relax and restore. I keep dreaming of this big idea of
opening an apothecary shop like the one in Practical Magic, with all the mindful goods.  Yoga or a beauty walk with my husband or
pup keep me grounded and happy.   I’m always down for an adventure.  I think Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth;
I still truly can’t believe I’ve been there. We’ve cliff jumped, hiked mountains, surfed waves, and swam in the sea, finding the warmest tide
pools with the rolling waves close beside. I still have some bucket list items I’d love to check off; getting my scuba license, learning to play guitar,
and sky diving are some of the things still out there waiting for me. Life is so full of exciting moments and so much magic.
out there, enjoy every single moment, and simply be the happiest you can be.

If you feel like you connect with the above and would like to find out more, I would love to talk to you about
your story.  Finding the right photographer for you or your wedding day is so important, as finding the right
couple is for me as well. When you hire a photographer to document something so special to you, you’re not only
giving them the space to create their best work for you, you’re trusting that their vision aligns with yours.
I love getting to know my couples; their quirks, what they love about one another, and what makes them happy;
with each other and individually as well.  This helps me create an individual wedding experience for each couple,
and approach their day as their friend, instead of just the photographer.  I genuinely want you to have the most unreal day ever!

Couples that would love to work with me are calm, full of love for one another, and definitely down for an adventure.
They aren’t worried about the details too much, but more about moments and the genuine love between people.
I photograph a certain amount of weddings per year, to ensure I am giving my couples the best version of myself and my work,
and to truly help make the day incredible.  If you’d love to chat more, or meet for a coffee and talk wedding day magic,
feel free to contact me here with any questions and tell me all about it!