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          Hey, I'm Lea!
          It's So Nice To Meet You.

          I am a storyteller, an observer, a romantic. Based in Ontario, Canada, I photograph Intimate Elopements, Weddings and all life's little in-betweens, and specialize in emotional storytelling for the romantics and adventurous at heart. It is simply magical to document people’s love for one another and their lives, and I feel so blessed to do what I love for a living. I am so grateful you are here and cannot wait to create magic with you!


          Oh hey you romantics. Love to know what it's like to have me as your photographer? I am passionate about creating photographs around genuine emotions and natural moments. I'd love to take you on an adventure with the moon above us, play some amazing tunes, and have a chill time - I'll take care of making you guys laugh, or keeping it relaxed, documenting all of the little moments in-between; the way your eyes light up, and what sparks your emotions.  Maybe a sweet hike, a swim in the lake, or being out on the lake by boat or canoe.   Would you love a dreamy walk on your favourite beach as the sun goes down, to spend the beginning of your day in your favourite coffee shop together, or making pancakes in your kitchen? Anything goes, and the sky is truly the limit for photos - the more your wedding day, or portrait session is about who you are, the better.

          My goal is to create an experience around who you are, so you are comfortable and relaxed when you step in front of my camera.  Getting to know you is one of the most awesome ways to create genuine and natural photographs. We chat about who you are as individuals, who you are as a couple, what makes you happy, and amazing things like where your dream travel destination is, or what you love to fill your weekends with.  This helps me to create images that speak to who you truly are deep down; ones you can look back on and think, "She totally captured us!".  Each portrait session, elopement or wedding is unique, and from the moment you book with me, the magic begins with getting to know you.

          It's All

          About Love

          Portrait Sessions
          Custom Sessions
          All of Life's Little Moments

          It is so special to be invited into someones life for a brief moment, and a joy to capture a story in a photograph.  When booking a portrait session, we talk about what your goals and visions are for the session, as well as any locations you're excited about!  Photos with me are laid-back, adventurous and filled with a ton of love and emotion. We can plan an exciting adventure; a hike for some incredible views, a canoe, or a swim in the lake, or something a little more calm; in the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or a beach day -maybe a little of both!  We will work together to create a beautiful story around all that you are, and seek out those amazing moments to document.  I am here to help my couples plan an epic day that encompasses all that they are. Every portrait session I photograph includes a guide to ensure you get the most out of your investment and of course have an amazing time.  Over the years I have photographed love in some of the most incredible locations and have met the sweetest couples, families and clients along the way.

          The Most Intimate of Days

          We offer custom rates and packages for Elopements, including couples who are looking to plan a Destination Elopement. I would be so excited to assist with location or destination recommendations, Air Bnb suggestions and photo locations that kick so much ass. We will chat about what you envision for your day and what you would love to include, and provide suggestions based off of what means the most to both of you.  We are able to curate an Elopement experience from start to finish, and ensure it speaks to all that you are together.

          The Great Adventure

          Wedding days are beautiful and are full of millions of genuine little moments flowing into one another, creating one beautiful story. Days that aren’t just about the flowers, or decorations, but about two incredible people coming together in front of all those who are so special to them. I value quality relationships over being just the photographer, and want to be there as a friend celebrating along with you. I am here to help you through your planning process and offer professional advice where needed to make it as relaxed and carefree as it can be. We walk through timelines, family photo lists and what you'd envision for your photographs. I also help with recommending unique spaces to get ready in, timing for the light you love, or awesome photo locations.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and create your day around every single thing that makes you happy. At the end of the day, do what feels good right down to the bones for the two of you, and listen to your hearts.

          Life's Beautiful In-betweens

          We create work and offer custom photography packages for Air Bnbs, Cottages, Yoga Instructors, Small Businesses & Products, Brands, Events, Workshops and Retreats. Get in touch and let's chat all about what you'd love photographed. I offer custom rates created around each session, depending on what you are looking for, and would love to hear from you!

          Feel You Connect With the Above?

          I’m so pumped if so. Finding the right photographer for you or your wedding is so important, as finding the right client is for me as well.  When you hire a photographer to document something so special to you, you’re not only giving them the space to create their best work for you, you’re trusting that their vision and art aligns with yours. This is why I love getting to know my clients; their incredible quirks, what their favourite things are about one another, what makes them happy; with each other and individually as well.  This helps me create an individual photography experience for each person I photograph, and approach their wedding day or session as a friend, instead of just the photographer.  We create together.  I genuinely want you to have the most unreal day ever and will help wherever I can to make it amazing!

          Couples that would love to work with me are calm, full of love for one another, and down for an adventure.  They know we are a team, and that we are creating memories for them together.  They aren’t worried about the details or running around too much, but more about slow, present moments and the genuine love between people. I photograph a certain amount of weddings per year, to ensure I am giving my couples the best version of myself and my work, and to truly help make the day incredible for each couple. Ready to create some kick ass photographs and talk photo magic? I would love to hear from you.



          We couldn't have been happier with our experience - besides the fact that you have a beautiful personality, and fit into our day perfectly, we could never have imagined the quality of the pictures that you captured. The photos all highlight natural beauty - of people, of the setting, and of the joy that was present that day. We loved how natural the photos looked, and how accurately you were able to capture our style and personalities. We also appreciated how much effort you put into making the day special, and getting to know the important people who were there with us.  A lot of people forget that a wedding is about more than just the bride and groom and wedding party, but you were able to capture it all.   Thank you SO much! We have the most stunning photos that we've ever seen - they are unique and special and honest.  Keep doing what you are doing, and keep being you!
          - AMANDA & ALEX



          The unique shots, the attention to every small detail, and the quality of your work makes me so happy every time I look at one of your photos. I knew that was a feeling that I wanted when I look at our wedding shots. You are also a pro at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. From the first time we sat down to chat about the big day I knew I was making the best decision. From creating a personalized timeline, to gathering all the information about our special details to make sure you didn't miss anything, you truly took so much stress off of the day. Working with you was fun and I'm already thinking about what life events we can get you to photograph next!
          - JEN & KYLE



          Your vision aligned perfectly with who we are and what we expected of our engagement photos. We love adventuring together and you were on the same page! Your work is stunning and drew us immediately. You were one of the first photographers I came across and after seeing dozens more I knew my first choice would end up being the one. The simplicity yet romanticism and beauty behind your every natural shot is breathtaking.  You are one of the sweetest and most genuine people we have ever come across.  Again, your vision and passion come together to produce the most romantic and special bond between a couple.  We loved how we could be ourselves, be silly, laugh, and adventure and you found a way to get the most beautiful images out of those natural and real moments.  We felt so comfortable being ourselves and that's truly what we wanted out of our session - to get the best images of us being us.   It felt like we blinked and our session was over!  They say time flies when you're having fun and we really did have the best time!  We wanted our session to reflect our love for sand, beach, sun, and being in the trees and you found a spot and way to encapsulate all of that for us!  Your passion and knowledge shine through in the way that you are able to capture the magic between two people with your vision and lens. We can't wait for you to document our special day for us!
          - TRISH & FADY



          We loved our engagement and wedding photos. You are very professional, calm, kind and gentle in stressful situations and that's important. Your work is quite marvellous and incredible!  We received a lot of compliments!!!
          - MELI & STUART



          I was looking for a photographer that could truly capture the love between my husband and I. Lea's photos bring you through an entire love story. From engagement sessions to the wedding Lea can capture the pure emotion between two people in love. We were blown away by not only Lea's professionalism and expertise, but the photos we were presented were stunning and love filled. We will look back on them constantly through our lives. She certainly captured our day perfectly.  I couldnt have pictured any photographer besides Lea. It felt as if we were childhood friends and the photo sessions were fun and interactive. Lea is such a cool and friendly chick. Absolutely nothing was missing from our experience. We cannot wait to set up anther session with you to capture our future life events!
          - KATELYN & JACOB



          We heard rave reviews from friends who have worked with you before! A wave of calmness came over me once you arrived for our wedding, and I was able to trust your creativity and experience as you documented the day! We loved your kindness and warm heart! I was so nervous getting ready and you helped me to really enjoy and take in every moment.  Thank you so much for making our day unforgettable! We felt like we have known you for years and for two people who are quite shy, you made us feel at ease in front of your camera!
          - JESS & TOMAS



          I found Lea on Instagram and absolutely loved her style! When we chatted in person I fell in love with her personality and trusted her completely to capture this magical day for us!  Lea, you made me look SO beautiful on such an important day and I will always be grateful for that! You did such a great job of putting us at ease and capturing moments that were natural and reflected our love.  I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out!!  I loved the photographs the best! Also it was SOOO epic how fast you got them back to us! We got your email in the airport waiting to board our honeymoon flight to Maui and it was such a treat scrolling through our images! Thank you so much!!
          - ALEX & DALE



          I loved your attention to detail. I felt so comfortable knowing that you took the time to ask about what jewelry I was wearing, what special family memories we were including in the day, and what aspects of the day Kyle and I were most excited about. I knew that every singled detail that we thought so long and hard about including into the wedding would be photographed.

          Leanne, everything that you did for Kyle and I was so great. You made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and captured so many memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for all of the extra work that you put into making our day so special. We couldn't be happier with the way all of our photos turned out.
          - JEN & KYLE
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