End of Summer

How about recognizing first that I haven’t posted in way too long.   Resolution before the New Years Reso – start posting more!  I have a ton of beautiful photos, and lovely stories for you to last a lifetime, so prepare for some gorgeous couples, awesome families, and rad stories coming your way over the course of the next few weeks.

A little bit of an update, and still a fun blog post to come – we got married this summer!!  It is truly an understatement when people call it the absolute best day.  It was the best day, and I am so grateful and happy to have married my guy.  We felt so loved, so thankful, and the most amazing array of emotions you could feel in one given day.   I couldn’t have asked for a more unreal moment, and truly wishing there was some sort of wedding time machine (ha!).  I would love to do it all again, with all of the amazing people we are so blessed to call our family & friends.  I am the most blissful, happy girl for so many reasons today, and couldn’t thank the big man upstairs enough.  Check out an awesome photo from our day by The Love Studio. 


With the all-time favourite summer saying its last goodbyes, autumn is just about tied for my favourite season.  The colors, smells of fresh pumpkin pie, and spiced pears.  The crunching leaves, and exploring in that crisp, beauty air.   Have I sold you yet!? 

To make it even more lovely, I am so excited to announce I will be offering short, lifestyle films as an option with my sessions, starting this October!!  The films will be a few minutes long, and will be highlighting the amazing moments of your session with me. 

To celebrate, the first three bookings in October will receive a short film included with their session.  Amazing right!  Not only will you have beautiful photos to keep, but also a gorgeous film to document the day. 

I am so beyond excited to be taking this next step, and can’t wait to start documenting more love. 

With so much love, 

xo, Lea