This is Halloween

October and Halloween – ask my family; it is my favourite time of year next to the beauty of Spring, and Christmas!  This year, I knew we had to get something awesome together and photograph something rad.  We ventured to an older graveyard off the beaten path by the lake, and did our research as to not disturb anyone or anything.  It is so important as a creative to create things for yourself; photographing an idea just for the fun of it is so amazing, as its a relaxed atmosphere where you can experiment with the type of photos you’ve been wanting to try, or completely try something new.  Enjoy the images, we had so much fun with this and can’t wait to create something spooky for Halloween every year, totally discovered a new photography tradition!

These skeleton babes were featured over on The Wedding Co., you can check it out here!



Models:  Lauren + Matt

Makeup: Vanessa, VG Beauty

Photography: Marcucci Photography

Assistance + Setup:  Christina Marcucci