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Oh hey Spring!

As wedding and engagement season is almost here, I decided to put together a few tips to help you have the best photography session ever.  At the end of your shoot, your photos will be of the most cherished, as they will have documented you both in this moment, exactly as you are right now.  Our job as creatives is to capture you being the most beautiful version of yourself.  Most beautiful in my books means photographing you both absolutely, blissfully happy.  I am in love with capturing couples when they’re in the middle of laughing, their awesome quirks, and most beloved moments – and I want you to be ready for all of them.

I am by no means an expert, and there are totally no rules at all, I simply wanted to share experiences I’ve had, and what has helped me prepare my couples for an amazing day ahead.

  • Look for the photos you love.  When my client has booked a session, I love when they take a peek at my work, and any other images that speak to them.  We’ll talk about the images and what they love most about them, and how they make them feel. This gives me a great idea of what my clients vision is for their day, what means most to them when I’m photographing them, and what they can expect from their photos.
  •  What to wear?   Answering this question for my couples always comes easily – wear something that you love and something that simply makes you feel good.  People completely shine from within when they feel confident, so wear the clothes that make you feel your best!  If its a beautiful flowing dress, with your hubby to be dressed up beside you – do it up!   And if jean shorts and a tee make you feel like dancing, go for it girl.  Keep the colours of the outfits you both wear complimentary to each other, and appropriate for the vibe you’d love out of your photos.
  • Feel your best.   If you’re having your makeup and hair done for your wedding day, think about scheduling your trials on the day of your engagement photos.  If you’re a no makeup or do it yourself kind of gal, that is so awesome too!  Also, a mini heads up that there may be some close ups of your ring, or hands during your photos,.  Painting your nails is a fun and fresh idea that can show a ton of personality!  Pick a colour that radiates you, and get those babies ready for their close up.
  • Food.  Having something amazing to eat before your photos ensures you can relax and enjoy the next part of your day.  You can make a day of your engagement session, and spend some extra quality time with your love beforehand.  Hang out at an awesome restaurant, grab a bite of some amazing grub, loosen up and relax together.  Guaranteed you will show up to your photos calm and full of love.
  • Light.  Photographers love playing around with light.  Having the light of the day on our side is one of the most important aspects of a shoot.  We are on the sun’s time, so arriving a bit early can be great for both you and your photographer!   Remember, the light dictates how your photos will feel.  I’ve had sessions take place early in the a.m just as the sun is rising, and in the late afternoon, as the sun dips below the horizon into the dreamiest twilight.  I truly believe these are the best and most beautiful times of day for the loveliest images. *Shooting into the night can make for some unreal results as well if you’re game for some unique images and have a bit of patience.  If you’re well enough out of the city, those stars can come out to play and create some of the most romantic of photos to end your session!
  • Location.  Find a place that is completely you!  Your session should really mean something to you.  When you look back on your photos, we want you to fall in love with them all over again and remember how unreal the day was.  It might be exploring a forest, a cafe or restaurant you usually visit together, at the cottage where you spent your summers, or taking a swim at the beach as the sun is going down.  Do you guys love to snowboard?  Do you surf, boat, or do yoga together?  Take your photographer with you and document that.  I am totally in to capture it all.  If you get stuck on locations, ask your photographer for some suggestions – most of us keep a pretty awesome list, and it is truly one of my favourite parts finding amazing places to take you!
  • FUN.  Have a ton of it and don’t hold back – make it magical.  The best photos I’ve taken have been those of couples laughing, tickling, doing everything that makes each other smile, and being simply themselves.   If you are outgoing as hell and have so much fun together, let loose; if you love to dance together, or are more of the intimate cuddler, do just that.  Our goal for the day is to get those smiles and laughs out of you;  to document those genuine, natural moments that make you just who you are together, and make your photo experience the most amazing one possible.

The biggest thing to remember for your photos is have the best time taking them.  With the gorgeous warm weather and the outdoor photo season around the corner, I am so excited to explore some unreal places with my couples and learn so much about who they are.

 Have an amazing start to your weekend, get out there and adventure somewhere awesome!