Stories of the 20’s

All four of my grandparents were born in the 20’s; a time I would give anything to go back and experience!  Being born in the 20’s, you grew up humbled, not having much and being so content with everything you did have.  The stories I’ve been told by the four of them are so grand and magical, they are stories that never seemed real to us as they had such depth and meaning.  From meeting the love of your life walking home in the rain, letters to and from their brave friends who fought overseas, the anxious wait for those friends to come home and how it felt to hear their voice, to spending two nights at the train station when they first arrived here from Scotland, and re-connecting with an old friend they hadn’t heard from since they left for the war.  The way our eyes light up when these stories are spoken of is everything to me.  My grandparents were able to preserve their most important stories and moments in black & white stills, and kept them safe all those years.  They were able to show us young babes a bit of the past we weren’t able to experience. So simple, yet how amazing is it.

My Mum’s father grew up on a farm with his family, about 10 minutes from where I currently live, and a couple weekends ago we stopped by to take some photos of her family here.  All that is left on the lot are the large pine trees, across from where one of the barns still stands. Love this beauty woman for all that she is, especially all of those amazing stories!




2014-10-26_0035 2014-10-26_0036




With love always,

lea xo

  • Auntie B said:

    As usual, Lea, you did a MARVELOUS job. I stole copies for myself.
    Thanks xoxoxooxo