That’s AmoreVenice, Italy

Oh Italy!   I think this dreamy place may just be on everyones destination bucket list.  I say it every time I get to travel to such a beautiful place to enjoy a few days away, I am so very lucky to have a hubby that takes me to work with him!  We traveled to Venice a few weekends ago, and I immediately fell in love with the city as soon as we walked out of the train terminal.  Before we left, I quickly became aware of how weary people were on traveling to Venice; the insane summer crowds, the ‘icky smell of the canals’, and the cliche gondola rides.  Truly, I didn’t see any of those.  I saw the beautiful historic homes, the colours, the couples enjoying each others company over pizza and wine in their gondola, the glowing lights of the canal at night.  Maybe the water smelled a little funky down some of those hidden streets, but overall, completely love this city. 

We happened on the most beautiful places by simply exploring; the tiniest cobblestone streets, Dodge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs, Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica – which was absolutely beautiful by the way!  Arriving at the square was the first time I felt like we were really in Italy.  The band was playing their romantic violin, and gelato was being enjoyed by the people watchers in their cool metal chairs.  The architecture here was unreal, and how big the square is was breathtaking to me.   We started the walk back to the Grand Canal, and I think we picked one of the best restaurants out there.  We sat down to the best wood oven pizza and the restaurant’s house red (which did end up all over the table due to me moving my hands way too much when I talk!), and looking out at the boats on the canal, I was filled with so much love to be there sitting across from my hunk of a guy.

During the flight home, the thought crossed my mind that when I first started taking trips away, I used to be super nervous and not too comfy during the fly anywhere.  I said under my movie headphones, “you are getting good at this flying thing girl!”  I wanted to include some of these in this post for some secrets before, during and after those travel days.  I used to start packing and getting things together a few weeks together to make sure I didn’t forget anything, now I am able to pack in a few hours, and with a lot less stress about the little things.  (Shout out to the hubby for the suggestions and insight to really not needing a checked bag!  These keep me neat and organized, and if they help at least one person, that is so amazing! 



Keep a mini travel bag with toiletries ready.  I keep a small bag with mini versions of the mains I use at home; shampoo, conditioner, body + face cream, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, q-tips, bobby pins, etc. 

Download those tunes + movies.  I usually take a quick peek through my phone and download some tunes to keep me relaxed during the flight and trip if I need to, to make things feel a little more like home all the way up there at 30,000!  One of my favourite movies is Practical Magic, and I watched this twice on the way home as I was feeling a little nauseous a couple hours in – as silly as it sounds, it made me feel so much better, as I associated it with being at home in my cozies. 

Pack light.  When I was younger, I remember taking a full suitcase with me for a 7 day trip, and I wouldn’t even look at half of the clothes that were in there!  After a few funny discussions of my guy saying “you really don’t need that much!”, I tried it out and guess what.  You really don’t need that much!  I’ve gone on an eight day amazing Hawaii trip, with a carry on full of my favourites.  Try counting the days you’re there, and packing an outfit per day.  Warm vacations are definitely easier, but even for the cooler ones; go through your days and pre-pack your outfits, it helps so much!


Relax!  I used to get nervous about silly things like take off, having to disturb the people I was sitting next to, to get up and have a stretch, and about landing.  But the peeps beside you are feeling the same way you are about rest rooms, and wanting to stretch their legs, so go for it!  And with take off and landing; the sweet guys up front, and amazing flight attendants have you completely taken care of if you have any worry whatsoever.

Movies, sweet movies.  Airlines always have a wicked set of in flight movies set up for you – you’re covered for the flight duration with a couple great movies or TV series!  

Keep cozies close.  It can get a bit chilly during your longer flights, so keep a pair of your coziest socks, and a sweater with you.  These have come so much in handy so many times, and I think they make you ready for a beauty snooze much faster! Haha

Restrooms.  Try to use these babies before the flight crew turns on the seatbelt sign for landing.  You may have a bit of a wait from the time they begin landing, to the gate, and getting your bags off of the plane.  


Before you sit, unpack.   I used to leave my suitcase zipped up when I got in from a trip, as we’re all human, and usually bit tired just off of the plane.  When I did that, I almost felt I couldn’t relax knowing I had my things to unpack the next few days.  Now when I  get home, I found what works better is unzipping that mini suitcase, and putting my clothes straight to wash.  By the time you’re ready for bed, that is off your post-travel to do list and feels oh so good. 

Post-travel pampering.  Being a girl with super sensitive skin, whenever I travel my skin seems to say, “See ya lady! I am off on a sweet vacay too!” and starts to get all sorts of crazy.  With normally clear skin, I’ve got it down as to what to do when problems arise and my skin takes a few days off.  The day or two after I return, before bed I do a cleansing mask, to get all of the gunk from the last few days outta there.  My go to has been Aztec Bentonite Clay, mixed with either water or Apple Cider Vinegar, and a sweet 30 minutes.  After I rinse the mask off, I follow it up with some Almond or Rosehip Oil for a bit of extra moisture, with someTeatree Oil on any blemishes that have come up from being away.  This leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and cleansed.  I love it so much!  

Do you have any routines or awesome things you do before or after a trip? Favourite places you’ve been lately?  Would love to hear them!  

Enjoy the photos, and sending so much love,  Lea


Pink Flowers

Pizza in Venice, Italy

San Marco, Venice, Italy

Gondola, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Gondola, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Colors, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Saint Mark's Square - Marcucci Photography

Saint Mark's Square - Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Gelato, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Saint Mark's Square, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Canals, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Canals, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Hotel Eden, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Lunch, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Street Art, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Church, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Gondola, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Gondola, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Gondola, Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography

Grand Canal Boat, Venice, Italy -- Marcucci Photography

Venice, Italy - Marcucci Photography