Love is Simple

One of the women I work with asked me today how the wedding plans were doing, and how my handsome fiancé was. I had so many thoughts and words that I wanted to tell her, but summed it up to how horrible of a decision maker I am, and having way too many beautiful ideas for our day! …which is whole heartedly the reason no official date has been set to marry this handsome man of mine as yet- ahh! Promise I will get on that asap! We got on to the topic of the big day, and agreed that some of the weddings we see today are becoming a lot more woah, and a lot less about the actual reason the two love birds are celebrating in the first place. Hey- I am all for the ‘whatever floats your boat’ scenario, and hell yeah it’s more than amazing for those couples who love larger weddings and a bigger guest list. But for C and I, we want the day to scream us, to be in every single moment with each other, and not get lost in the craziness the day can bring.

With that, we then got talking about her and her husband, their wedding day, how long they’ve been together- not to mention 35 years!!! She mentioned how the cutesy, first date, new loveliness may go away, but the love stays. And boy does it stay! 
She told me about how her husband is a mans man. He is quiet with his feelings, but loud with his actions. He does things to show her, I am thinking of you, I want only the best for you, and I love you, despite my lack of words. She told me how she doesn’t mind the fact he doesn’t get 10th grade mushies, as she can see how he loves her- my goodness, how sweet! I told her it reminded me of C and I, and how I used to give that boy the hard gears for not showering me with flowers, (eek! So awful of me I know) But man, that’s how little girls grew up, watching those classic chick flicks. We get to believing men are ‘supposed to’ do these things. We think, ‘oh only thennnn does he love you!’ Haha boy was I wrong, and so happy I see it now :).
C loves the little things; the simple words, but they mean the absolute most to me. Every trip he goes on around this big world, from China to Brazil, he never fails to remember me. With a simple text, our famous FaceTime goodnights, and he brings me back something cool, every damn time! It’s not something expensive, or something large, but it’s what was on his mind as I was…and that to me is far more romantic than any flower can be. 

She agreed. She made it simple, and this what I am about to tell you is truthfully one of the best pieces of advice I have ever, and I mean ever! Been given. 
She told me love is just love. Love does not set expectations, or create rules. Every single love is different. Give it unconditionally to everything, and everyone you meet, and you will see an amazing, positive change to your days.
Simply wow! It’s like you’ve know this all along in your heart, but when someone you barely know gets that deep into your mind, you realize that much more. Thank you for this woman! Everyone has their bad days, their angry days, their sucky days where they just want to melt away into the couch and call it a day! (I know you’ve  had em) But if we remember this simple piece of advice this woman gave so freely, and take it with us through all of those days, we truly and genuinely will live an amazing life. 
Love is truly not hard. When you really think about it, love is the most simple and untouched gift given to humanity. To conquer love is to overcome one of the largest things in your lifetime. She told me to give love unconditionally, and expect none in return is one of the hardest things in this world…but to accomplish and live it is a true blessing. You become happier as a whole, in that, giving love puts the most beautiful smile on peoples faces. Something that can never be measured and the most unreal feeling to know that this person is smiling because of you.
I want to remember to do my best to always love, and give it unconditionally. When you’re angry, take a quick step outside of your mind, a deep breath, and remember that happiness will always always overcome…and the anger goes. When you’re sad, look at the positive of the place you’re in…and the sadness goes as well. Try it out, not even kidding, it works! Write it down if you have to, how you were feeling, how you overcame it, and check out the pattern. Boom! 
Simple. Give love in all aspects of life. No matter who is around, what they think, what they believe in, or the mood you’re in. Love always wins. 
lea xo